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We offer a variety of personalized membership options for every player. Sponsorship and VIP level memberships offer unlimited access for booking and lounge, while Daytime members enjoy low cost access to Pickle X during morning and daytime hours. Please contact us to discuss which option works best for you

Become an Exclusive Member

Club Memberships


Initiation $1000 | $200mo

VIP members enjoy 2 week advanced booking windows, unlimited play, 6 free guests per month, and lounge access.


Initiation $1000 | $100mo

Premium membership catered to full access to the facility at a lower monthly cost, four free plays per month, guest privileges, and lounge access.



Partner membership is for doubles teams or friends who want to share the cost of membership. One person is responsible for payment. The membership includes two free monthly guests, six free plays, lounge access, and a 7-day advanced booking.


Cost per play $15 | Initiation $250 | $100mo

Social membership includes a complete lounge and prime-hour access—single-player benefit, no guests, and a 48-hour booking window.

Day Time

Initiation $100 | $50 per month

Daytime membership is a package for our early birds. Ability to play up until 5:30 pm daily. There is no lounge access. Four free plays per month, guests at $15 per visit. Four-day advanced booking.


$2500 initiation | $250 per month

Unlimited play, 10 free guests per month, 30 day booking window, business or personal advertisement on walls of Pickle X



Yes! Our non member court rental prices of $70/hr for 1 court and $125/hr for both courts

Paddles and balls are available for rent or BYO. Ball machine available for rent. 

PRIME hours begin after 5:30pm during the week, no prime hours on the weekend.
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